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2019 Agenda & Speaker Presentations

2019 Symposium Agenda & Speaker Presentations

The following is the final agenda of the 2019 SEARCH Symposium. Speaker presentations, if available, are provided as PDFs or external links.

Final 2019 Symposium Agenda & Speaker List       2019 Symposium Program  

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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Welcome 8:00AM–8:30AM
Welcome and Introductions Ms. Leslie Moore, Chair, SEARCH Board of Directors, and Director, Information Services Division, Kansas Bureau of Investigation

Major Brandon Gray, Vice Chair, SEARCH Board of Directors, and Commanding Officer, Identification & Information Technology Section, New Jersey State Police
TECHNOLOGY Keynote 8:30AM–9:30AM
Technology: A Vision of the Future of Justice Technology Mr. David J. Roberts, Executive Director, SEARCH

Technology Keynote – Roberts
Break 9:30AM–9:45AM  
POLICY Keynote 9:45AM–10:45AM
Policy: Privacy, Transparency, Accountability, and Evolving Legal Doctrines in Justice Technology Mr. Robert R. Belair, Partner, Arnall, Golden & Gregory
Break 10:45AM–11:00AM  
RESEARCH Keynote 11:00AM–12:00PM
Research: Establishing a Research Agenda for Justice Reform, Evidence-Based Practices, and Performance Management Mr. Jeremy Travis, Executive Vice President of Criminal Justice, Arnold Ventures

Research Keynote – Travis
Lunch/Exhibit Hall 12:00PM–1:30PM  
Workshops 1 1:30PM–3:00PM Technology 1 Policy 1 Research 1
Facial Recognition: Assessing Current Technology, Research Trends, and Future Directions Mr. Patrick Grother, Scientist, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Ms. Pamela Scanlon, Executive Director, Automated Regional Justice Information System (ARJIS)
Exploring the Enduring Impact of Criminal History Records–Beyond the Scarlet Letter Dr. Alfred Blumstein, J. Erik Jonsson University Professor of Urban Systems and Operations Research, Emeritus, Heinz College, Carnegie Mellon University

Ms. Chidi Umez, Project Manager, Corrections & Reentry, Council of State Governments

Policy Workshop1 – Blumstein
NICS: Emerging Legislation, Evolving Challenges, and Innovative Solutions Ms. Melissa Nee, Director of Government Affairs, SEARCH (Facilitator)

Mrs. JoAnn Garrison, Liaison Specialist, NICS Section, Criminal Justice Information Services Division (CJIS), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Mr. Michael Buenger, Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer, National Center for State Courts

Ms. Natalie Knight, Legislative Counsel, Office of U.S. Rep. Lucy McBath (D-GA)

Research Workshop1 – Buenger
Research Workshop1 – Garrison
Break/Exhibit Hall 3:00PM–3:30PM  
Workshops 2 3:30PM–5:00PM Technology 2 Policy 2 Research 2
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Exploring Applications in Justice Operations Dr. Evan Levine, Assistant Commissioner for Data Analytics, New York Police Department

Mr. Andrew Branch, Director of Data Infrastructure & Product, Measures for Justice

Mr. David Kilmer, Lead Developer/Architect, Measures for Justice

Technology Workshop2 – Branch, Kilmer
Technology Workshop2 – Levine
Legislative and Policy Proposals on Expungement and Sealing: Trends in Criminal History Records Management Ms. Colleen Chien, Professor, Santa Clara University School of Law

Ms. Jolene Forman, Manager, Criminal Justice Policy, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

Mr. Wyatt Pettengill, Special Agent in Charge, North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation

Policy Workshop 2 – Chien
Criminal Justice Reform and Reentry: Understanding Risk, Recidivism, and Redemption Dr. Kiminori Nakamura, Assistant Research Professor, Research Director, Maryland Data Analysis Center

Dr. Kristofer (Bret) Bucklen, Chief of Research, Evaluation, and Projections, Pennsylvania Department of Corrections

Research Workshop2 – Bucklen
Research Workshop2 – Nakamura
Reception/Exhibit Hall 5:30PM–7:00PM  

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Continental Breakfast 7:00AM–8:00AM  
Workshops 3 8:00AM–9:00AM Technology 3 Policy 3 Research 3
Real World Information Security: Vulnerability Assessments, Systems Security Auditing, and Building Robust Security Mr. Timothy Lott, Director of Operations, SEARCH

Chief Terry Sult, Chief of Police, City of Hampton (VA)

Mr. Paul Weatherhead, Senior Security Specialist, Digital Boundary Group

Technology Workshop3 – Lott, Weatherhead, Sult
Official CCH Records vs. Commercial Background Checks: What do we Know? Mr. Frank A.S. Campbell, Chief Executive Officer, Highland Strategies

Ms. Jennifer Clark, President, Inquiries Screening

Mr. Lester S. Rosen, Chief Executive Officer, Employment Screening Resources

Mr. Wyatt Pettengill, Special Agent in Charge, North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation

Policy Workshop3 – Rosen
Facial Recognition Research: Measuring Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Business and Public Safety Value Ms. Pamela Scanlon, Executive Director, Automated Regional Justice Information System (ARJIS)

Ms. Krystal Howard, SNAP Unit Manager, Biometrics and Identification Division, Michigan State Police

Ms. Kimberly J. Del Greco, Deputy Assistant Director, Information Services Branch, CJIS Division, FBI

Research Workshop3 – DelGreco
Research Workshop3 – Howard
Research Workshop3 – Scanlon
Break/Exhibit Hall 9:00AM–9:30AM  
Workshops 4 9:30AM–10:30AM Technology 4 Policy 4 Research 4
Technology Tools and Applications to Support Criminal Justice Reform and Reentry Mr. Matthew Stubenberg, President, MDLegalApps and Associate Director of Legal Technology – A2J Lab, Harvard Law School

Ms. Evonne Silva, Senior Director, Criminal Justice and Workforce Development, Code for America

Technology Workshop4 – Stubenberg (external link)
Technology Workshop4 – Silva
Facial Recognition: Privacy, Transparency, Evolving Legal Doctrine, Policy Guidance, and Operations Mr. Benjamin Bawden, Principal, Brooks Bawden Moore

Mr. Jay Stanley, Senior Policy Analyst, Speech, Privacy, and Technology Project, American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
NIBRS and Crime Analysis: Developing Analytic Models for State and Local Crime Analysis Using NIBRS Ms. Erica Smith, Chief, Law Enforcement Incident-Based Statistics Unit, Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ)

Dr. Alexia Cooper, Statistician and Program Manager, BJS, U.S. DOJ

Cynthia Barnett-Ryan, UCR Program, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Mr. Kyle Comer, CJIS Program Manager, Missouri UCR and Criminal Justice Audit Unit, Missouri State Highway Patrol

Research Workshop4 – Barnett-Ryan
Research Workshop4 – Comer
Research Workshop4 – Cooper
Research Workshop4 – Smith
Break/Exhibit Hall 10:30AM–11:00AM  
Workshops 5 11:00AM–12:00PM Technology 5 Policy 5 Research 5
IT Consolidation, Cloud Hosting, and Regional Sharing: Technical, Operational, and Management Considerations Mr. Tony Abate, Senior Systems Architect, Nlets

Mr. Jason Bright, Supervisor, Criminal Records & Identification Services Section, Division of Criminal Investigation, Montana Department of Justice

Ms. Becki Goggins, Director of Law and Policy, SEARCH

Technology Workshop5 – Abate, Bright, Goggins
Privacy and Security in an Increasingly Online World–Beyond a Zero Sum Game Mr. Justin Fitzsimmons, Director of High-Tech Crime Training Services, SEARCH (Facilitator)

Ms. Abigail Abraham, Senior Attorney, High-Tech Crime Training Services, SEARCH

Mr. Christopher Kelly, Director, Digital Forensics Laboratory, Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office

Mr. Jay Stanley, Senior Policy Analyst, Speech, Privacy, and Technology Project, American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
Exploiting the Value of Criminal History Records–Establishing a Research Agenda Dr. Shawn Bushway, Professor of Public Administration and Policy, Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy, University at Albany, State University of New York

Mr. Matthew R. Ruel, Director, Maine State Bureau of Identification, Maine State Police

Research Workshop5 – Bushway
Research Workshop5 – Ruel
Lunch/Exhibit Hall 12:00PM–1:30PM  
Workshops 6 1:30PM–3:00PM Technology 6 Policy 6 Research 6
Justice Information Sharing Case Studies: Exploring Regional Information Sharing Capabilities Mr. Bob Merwine, PMO Chief, Public Safety Delivery Center, Pennsylvania Office of Administration

Ms. Mannone Butler, Executive Director, District of Columbia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council

Mr. David Elwood, Application Developer, Delaware Criminal Justice Information System (DELJIS)

Ms. Debbie Allen, Executive Advisor, Office of the Mayor, City of St. Louis (MO)

Mr. Steven White, Assistant Director, Infrastructure & Customer Support Section, Missouri State Highway Patrol

Technology Workshop6 – Merwine, Butler, Elwood
The Implications of “Cite-and-Release” Policies on Criminal History Records Mr. Dennis DeBacco, Justice Information Services Specialist, Law and Policy Program, SEARCH

Ms. Kathryn Monfreda, Director, Division of Statewide Services, Alaska Department of Public Safety

Captain Gregg Willmore, Director, Bureau of Criminal Identification, Utah Department of Public Safety

Ms. Melanie Veilleux, Administrative Manager, Arizona Department of Public Safety

Policy Workshop6 – DeBacco, Monfreda, Willmore, Veilleux
Understanding Crime in Context: Contemporary Research in Measuring Community Health, Safety, and Wellness Ms. Erica Smith, Chief, Law Enforcement Incident-Based Statistics Unit, BJS, U.S. DOJ

Dr. James P. Lynch, Professor, Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of Maryland

Dr. Kimberly Martin, Statistician, Law Enforcement Incident-Based Statistics, BJS, U.S. DOJ

Mr. Paul Wormeli, Wormeli Consulting

Research Workshop6 – Lynch
Research Workshop6 – Martin
Research Workshop6 – Smith
Research Workshop6 – Wormeli
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